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Choose Our Driving School in Fall River, MA

Earn your Junior Operator License (JOL) with help from A & M Driving School. We offer classroom instruction sessions that run 30 hours over the course of several weeks. Students will:

Upon completion of the driver's education course and the certificate being electronically filed with the RMV, students could get up to a 15% discount on new drivers insurance.

You must be 15 years & 9 months or older, and you will qualify to begin driver's education classes in Fall River, MA.


Let Us Prepare You for the Road Ahead

A & M Driving School wants to set new drivers up for success. That's why we offer 30 hours of classroom training, as well as driving and observational lessons to get you prepared for the road test. Plus, we'll even pick you up for your driving test so you can take the exam in one of the vehicles you've practiced in.

To learn more about driver education in Fall River, MA, call A & M Driving School today.

Drivers Education Course Schedule

You can also Email: Office@A-MDriving.com to enroll in the JOL DE Course. Please remember to include your Name, DOB, Phone number, Address and Permit Number if applicable. Course Fee is $150.00. PLEASE NOTE: Parents must complete 2 hour Parent class before student can begin road lessons.

Course Available:


Course will run for 2 weeks Mon-Thurs.

4:00pm - 8:15pm

(Must complete all 30 Hours)

 *Limited Seating Available   

1 Week Course Available:

December 26th. - 31st., 2020*


If you have already registered prior to 12/01/20 stay tuned to your email for confirmation.

We apologize for the delay. 

This course will run Sat., & Mon-Thurs.

8:00 am - 2:15 pm

(Must complete all 30 Hours)

 *Limited Seating Available   

2 Week Course Available:
November 9th. - 19th., 2020**
**(CLASS IS FULL) Thank you
This Course runs Monday - Thursday
4:00 pm - 8:15 pm
(Must complete all 30 Hour)
*Limited Seating Available

Take Our MA RMV-Approved Parent Course

Parents' classes in Fall River, MA are offered on Thursday and Saturday. For your convenience, we schedule these courses at the same time as the student driver education classes.

Email A & M Driving School today to schedule parents' classes in Fall River, MA. We also serve throughout the Westport, Somerset, Swansea, Taunton, East Taunton, Seekonk, Lakeville, Assonet, Freetown, Rehoboth, and Berkley areas.

Additional Parent Classes

(Dates Subject to Change)

  • Thursday, October, 15th. 6 pm - 8 pm
  • Thursday, November, 12th. 6pm - 8pm 
  • Monday, December, 28th. 6pm-8pm